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croatialogo 22 Sente des Dorées.
FR-75019 Paris
Contact person: Prof. Isabela Duc
Tel: +33 1 42 08 04 10
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Alembert high school is located in at the junction of the historic districts of La Villette and the Park des Buttes-Chaumont. It is just opposite the La Villette Park so it is very convenient to enjoy its various facilities. The high school has about 100 teachers and nearly 800 pupils and students aged from 14 to 25 in 36 classes. These students, coming from different social backgrounds, are from Paris and the Paris region in majority but also from all over France in the field of paramedical equipment.

Our high school offers several baccalaureate sections for students aged from 14 to 18, in various vocational and technological fields like fashion, social, sanitary and para-medical.

The young adults aged 18 to 25 can go on with their studies and take a two-year higher education technical degree in connection with their basic training: social or medical. Versatile, the d'Alembert high school offers all its students a variety of studies and quality courses. The d'Alembert high school also allows all its students to benefit from specific technological platforms, dynamic partnerships with professional circles and growing national and international openings (China, North America, Togo).

We are strongly motivated to join this project, as beside to foster the integration of our students from popular disadvantaged background, it will allow our students to open their mind and widen their horizons as well as through cross-border exchanges make them aware that they are part of a bigger community that is Europe. It will make them also realize that all schools have to face the same issues and bullying, cyberbullying and violence are some of them. It can also strengthen the work that is already under way, against discrimination and all forms of school violence.

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