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Via Case Nuove 37
IT-95030 Mascalucia
Contact person: Prof. Rosa Alba Papale
Tel: +39 095 72 72 517 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our school " Concetto Marchesi" provides for three courses of education: second level school focus on humanities, second level college of science, polytechnic school specialising in chemistry-materials-technology. The school has got 120 teachers, 30 not teaching staff, 56 classes with more than 1400 students who come from a big area of Catania hinterland and towns round Etna. The classes are located in two new and modern school complexes well equipped with ICT, language, chemical and physics labs. The school provides for the students' transport with public or private means of transport that make the school easily reachable.

The school is always active to propose efficient and educational paths with curricular and extra-curricular activities. The school firstly considers the students', families' and district needs. The school offers three courses: Classical Lyceum, focused on humanities; Scientific Lyceum, second level college of Science; Technical secondary school specializing in Chemistry, Materials and Technology.

In the school there is a self-assessment team which proposes anonymous questionnaires to teachers, school staff, students, students' families to evaluate each educational activity. Moreover each year, the school takes part in the assessment National tests edited by the Italian National Agency I.N.V.A.L.S.I.. There is a counselor’s office too and a teachers’ team for S.E.N. students.

The Italian school is strongly motivated in taking part into the project because there is great attention in the personal relationship peer to peer inside the school and we are very careful to prevent any case of possible bullying. For these reason we need to know and apply any successfull strategies to do it and to involve all our community inside and outside the school.

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