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Topic: Help: legal framework and protective agents to tackle bullying and violence in EU schools
Date: 01/03/2020 – 07/03/2020
Hosting school: Aristotelio College (Greece)
Sending schools: Stiftsgymnasium St. Paul (Austria)

The sixth cross student exchange was hosted by Aristotelio College in Thessaloniki and took place from 01st to 07th of March 2020.

Sunday/Monday, 1st - 02nd March 2020
The Austrian team arrived at the airport of Thessaloniki on Sunday. The hosting families and students picked up their guests-students. The teachers were welcomed by the teachers of Aristotelio College and the Headmaster and the they were transferred to the hotel. The afternoon was a free time for the teachers while the students had the chance for activities with the hosting families. Clean Monday was holiday in Greece and students experienced traditional and cultural activities with the families.

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Tuesday, 3rd March 2020
First day at Aristotelio College for the guest students who moved to school by the private school buses. Firstly, they were welcomed by the Headmaster and then, according to the agenda that was presented, ice breaking activities took place organized by students and teachers. Project work about the topic of the exchange was presented in front of other Erasmus students and teachers also from Belgium, Cyprus and the Headmaster.

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After, a small break, two very interesting classroom immersions took place by an external educator and the hosting teachers. The first classroom was a Creative writing classroom immersion entitled “Little layers against bullying. A drama workshop!”, where the students were wrote scenarios about bullying and also tried to presented also in a theatrical way. There were also a prize ceremony since all this was also a competition. The second classroom immersion concerned “Art against Bullying” occurred by the art teacher from hosting school. The students created colorful messages enhancing bullying victims and decorated Aristotelio college.

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Before the end of the day all students and teachers had a group photo at Erasmus corner of hosting school. At the end all teachers of two Erasmus+ programs had a group photo in front of Erasmus+ corner of Aristotelio college. The final classroom immersion involved physical education and it was organized by teachers from the hosting school and from Belgium. At the afternoon the students had activities with the families and teachers enjoyed the welcome lunch.

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Wednesday, 4th March 2020
Wednesday was the day for excursion and visited Vergina near Aigai the first capital of Macedon. A guided tour was planned by an archeologist to the place that Manolis Andronikos claimed that these were the burial sites of the kings of Macedon, including the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great and also Alexander IV of Macedon, son of Alexander the Great. Then the students and the teachers visited mount Olympus, the tallest mountain in Greece famous from Greek mythology as is was hosting the Palace of Zeus and all ancient Gods.

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Thursday, 5th March 2020
The day started by a conference with S. Patsi, Police Lieutenant Colonel, Head of Innovative Actions and Strategy Cybercrime Subdivision  of Northen Greece concerning ‘Cyberbullying’. The officer discussed with the students about the topic and also gave important information about the procedures that should be followed in Greece, from the legal point of view, in order to report a crime of bullying. After a small break students visited the Town Hall of Thessaloniki where a representative of Europe Direct had spoken about Thessaloniki, the culture, the history and the tourism of Thessaloniki.

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To end this day, the student and the teachers visited the Byzantine museum of Thessaloniki. The museum is a scientific institution, of a broader cultural and educational nature, aiming to collect, preserve, protect, conserve, exhibit and study the works and objects of the early Christian, Byzantine, medieval in general and post-Byzantine periods, mainly from the geographical area of Macedonia and the excavation material of the territorial scope of the 9th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities, with which it is in close collaboration.

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Friday, 06th March 2020
The Erasmus+ MUN committee operated in a rather unique way, since the opening ceremony was canceled for precaution reason. From traditional General Assembly (GA) committee process started straight away, and encouraged values such as respect and cooperation between delegates. The chairs after some ice breaking activities, and the mandatory roll call, the delegates were split into teams and had a debate. The topic was about digital tools used in education/school or not. The two teams, one in favor and one against, had supported with strong arguments each side and a strong debate occurred. After that the delegates of the committee proposed solutions and products about the topic. After the end of the committee the dissemination event took place in front of the HeadMaster, teachers of the school, parents but also other advisors of the English language. A summary of the events was presented, while emotional moments spread out the theatre room.  At night the Farewell event in a restaurant of the famous area of Ladadika occurred among the teachers and the Headmaster.

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Saturday/Sunday, 7th - 8th March 2020
A fruitful week came to end and it was the time for the guest students and teachers to departure. The airport was full of hugs, a lot of laughing but also flood of tears came out from their faces. Promises to keep in touch were made and strong friendships were born due to the Erasmus+ program.

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The Agenda

The Evaluation (Students, Teachers, Families)


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