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Topic: Bring parents and other agents into common ground: workshops? School exhibitions? Tutorships?
Hosting school: I.I.S.S. Concetto Marchesi, Mascalucia (Italy)

Date: 18/07/2021 – 24/07/2021

From 18 to 24 July 2021 the 3rd Joint-Staff Training Event from the project 2018-1-AT01-KA229 -039251 called „Let’s Stop Bullying Together“ has taken place at I.I.S.S. Concetto Marchesi, Mascalucia (Italy). Representatives of the other five European schools involved in the project are:

Öffentliches Stiftsgymnasium der Benediktiner in St. Paul, St. Paul im Lavanttal, Austria
Lycée Polyvalent d’Alembert, Paris, France
Aristotelio College, Thessaloniki, Greece
Inete – Instituto de Educação Técnica, Lisbon, Portugal
IES Joaquin Turina, Seville, Spain

We all have agreed, together with the coordinator Prof. Giovanni Santoro, and all teachers involved in the project, to check the final products and the results to be published.

 18th of July, Sunday
Arrival of the participants in Catania warmly welcomed by the Italian teachers.

19th of July, Monday
On Monday as in the rest of the week, because of Covid19 restrictions, project meetings took place at a conference room in the hotel Mercure Excelsior in Catania. The teachers met the school staff composed by Prof. Rosalba Papale (local project coordinator), Prof. Cinzia La Rosa (eTwinning representative at IISS Concetto Marchesi), Prof. Eleonora Militello and Prof. Enrico Savuto (members of the school staff). After that, the international team has carried out a final evaluation of the project by comparing the main objectives and the goals achieved, in terms of knowledge, skills and competences, as well as shared good practices among countries concerning bullying control. Additionally, other aims discussed were students´ awareness of the EU values. Coincided with the idea of fostering active citizenship and social integration. To this regard, all schools have had a positive feedback not only from students but also from their families, from the local community and from other foreign partners.

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Project work continued with a conference by an expert in bullying issues, Prof. Sonia Chiavaroli. She made a very captivating speech, which gave way to a very interesting discussion. She focused her speech not only on teachers but also on families. She suggested having courses and meeting with the families, as well as teaching the parents ways to recognize and deal with the problem. In addition, she pointed out the importance of teachers` training in order to improve empathy skills and emotional intelligence.

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In the evening, the Italian school organized an excellent welcome dinner for all teachers with a genuine Sicilian cuisine. During dinner, teachers from participating schools met the headmistress, Prof. Sciuto Maria Lucia, and even more teachers from the hosting schools. We exchanged our experiences in a very friendly and pleasant environment.

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20th of July, Tuesday
Tuesday was a day with an incredible cultural input, particularly the visit to the Greek theatre in Taormina, a town which is a crucible of contemporary world and the vast myriad of the civilizations that have left their cultural traces. Furthermore, we witnessed “Mother Etna” in eruption, a vision we will never forget.

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21st of July, Wednesday
We devoted the morning to an appealing speech by a representative of the parents association of IIIS Marchesi, named Carmelo Porto. He gave the point of view of parents with relation to bullying.  The follow up debate was intense, realistic and enriching. In the afternoon, we had a guided tour through the most relevant sites in Catania. Particularly, we got to know very conspicuous data about the unique geological characteristics of both the island and the city, and how they have affected not only the history but also the way of life of their citizens.

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22nd of July, Thursday
Two members of the association “Sicilia in fuoristrada”, gave us a ride throughout hidden places of the “National Park of Etna”, and eventually, the trip ended up near the summit of the volcano. The knowledge acquired was exceptional in many ways, scientific, historical, geological and geographical.

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23rd of July, Friday
On Friday, a final check has been carried out of the products obtained in the various countries and the final guide for teachers has been completed and reviewed by the international team. The team has also discussed about further possibilities of dissemination activities and sustainability after project end. The Austrian Coordinator has explained how to update budgetary information on the Mobility Tool. After that, a well experienced teacher from the Greek school, Prof. Eleni Kokkinou, specialised in the implementation of eTwinning projects and awarded on a local and European level, provided a workshop about it and all teachers worked on the Twinspace of the project. The participants have completed the final report. Then evaluation has taken place about the activities stated above.

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An extraordinary farewell dinner has concluded the day and the week and the partners have left on Saturday, 24th July with the awareness of having lived a unique experience that allowed both teachers and students to open their minds to Europe’s spirit and values in a project of peace and collaboration. The Italian school has lightened up the spirit of Erasmus again, especially after a period of restrictions due to the pandemic. Therefore, all teachers are really thankful to the headmistress and the teachers of the hosting school.

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 The Agenda

The Evaluation


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